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We are a very small company and we realise that we can't save the planet alone, but that's not to say we shouldn't make smart and conscious choices. We like to think that we all can and should do our part.


Today, travelling is something that often gets shamed. It is bad for the environment. We however believe that travelling, done in a responsible and conscious fashion, is not only good but important for us. Experiencing new parts of the world helps people learn about and  

relate to different cultures, people and to nature. Traveling is a form of education!

We want to offer people the possibility to ride their bikes in new and exciting places in a sustainable way. We are not yet perfect but we are conscious about our impact on the environment in everything that we do and we are aiming to keep it as minimal as possible, with continuous improvement.  



1. We serve pescatarian food (in a delicious and nutritious way, of course). Excluding meat allows us create a smaller carbon footprint.


2. All electricity used in the accommodation and workshop comes from renewable sources.


3. In-house washing of bed linnen and towels. By doing all the washing ourselves we save transport to and from a laundry service and we also have a better control over what temperature and detergents are used, so that the fabrics are not washed unnecessarily harshly.


4. We ride handmade steel bikes from Starling Cycles in the UK. These bikes are low maintenance, durable, easy to repair and can be recycled when the day that they are finished riding comes.


5. Also the clothes we ride in are selected with care. We don't buy new kit if we don't need it, we are good at repairing what we have and we are keen second hand shoppers. A lot of our kit comes from Overland, who make technical clothing that looks casual and therefor have multipurpose use. Read about Overland's sustainability work here.


6. We are working hard to cut back on single use items and replacing them with reusable versions. Some good examples are mesh fruit/vegetable bags for shopping, cotton napkins at the dinner table, rags from old bedsheets in the workshop, refillable dispensers and concentrate for cleaning products, washable cleaning tools and so on.


7. There is a recycling system in the accommodation for us and the guests to use. We want to make it easy to recycle as much as possible of waste and always encourage our guests to do so.

We are always looking for ways to improve and want to work with other like-minded companies. If you have any suggestions for us or are interested in working with us then please get in touch.

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