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We work with several companies that we believe share our values. We work with several larger companies that support us with quality and reliable equipment to bring you the best guiding services we can offer, as well as working together with several smaller local companies to support the mountain bike industry within Hallingdal.

Norrona - White.png

We use items from the Fjørå, Skibotn and Falketind range.

Norrøna support with high quality outdoor clothing that all us to guide comfortably in all weather conditions.

We also collaborate with Norrøna on mountain bike events.

BC Sport - White.png

We Ride Transition bikes as our guiding workhorses and BC Sport are the Norwegian distributor providing us with some high quality full suspension bikes. 

We ride a DVO Onyx fork and DVO Jade X coil shock.

Refined suspension from California, USA. We choose to ride DVO because of the smooth ride quality and the Scandinavian service centre is located 45m away in Hemsedal. Being able to get parts repaired quickly is important when guiding.

DVO - White.png

We ride Michelin Wild Enduro Gum-X Tyres

High quality tyres. 

Our second season on Michelin after spending the whole of the first season on the same tyred without a single puncture. That's what we call reliability.

Michelin - White.png
SOS Nesbyen - White.png

The local bike shop providing all the spare parts when things go wrong as well as a great selection of equipment. We collaborate with SOS Nesbyen to provide you with rental bikes when you are not able to bring your own.

Transition - White.png

The mountain bikes we use for guiding. 

Transition Partrol mullet bike with 170mm travel

The mixed wheel Patrol has a new haircut but is still down for anything and truly unapologetic when it comes to shredding trail.

Hallingdal Rides is an organisation pushing mountain biking forward in Hallingdal. Bringing together all 6 towns in the valley to create an even better MTB offer than we could each offer on our own. 

A great umbrella organisation to have in the area that is working in all areas of the industry.

Hallingdal Rides - White.png

The local tourist office that takes care of all our local advertising as well as being involved in just about every project going on in Nesbyen. 

A great service to the town and the perfect point of info. 

Visit Nesbyen - White.png
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