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Please read the terms and conditions carefully, all riders booking with us must agree to these. We also recommend that you read all of the details set out on our web page so that you fully understand the package you are booking.

If you are paying as an individual you are responsible for yourself. If you are paying as a group the group leader is automatically responsible for all other members of the group reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions. If booking as a group we will refer to the ‘group leader’ and expect that they pass on all relevant information to the rest of the group as required.

Booking and Confirmation

When details are agreed and you pay the deposit you agree to accept all the terms and conditions and when we accept your booking we agree to carry out our obligations as defined to you in all materials sent to you from us.

We require a non-refundable 20% payment of the total booking cost to secure your booking. The remainder of your booking payment is due no later than 8 weeks before your arrival. If this payment is not made in time we reserve the right to cancel your booking. Payment shall be made in Norwegian Krone.

For bookings made less than 8 weeks before arrival we require the full amount to be paid at the time of booking.

Bookings will be confirmed and a contract will exist when the deposit is paid by you and a dated confirmation email is issued by us.


Changes to Bookings

If you wish to make any changes to the booking then we will do our best to accommodate them however we cannot guarantee we are able to do so. If the changes are not possible and you wish to cancel your booking then the cancellation fees below apply.


By you

In the case of a cancellation by you the cancellation fees to us are outlined below and will be paid no later than the original arrival date of your booking.

  • -  8 weeks before arrival date of your booking: no fee

  • -  8-4 weeks before arrival date of your booking: 50% of the total cost

  • -  2-4 weeks before arrival date of your booking: 80% of the total cost

  • -  0-2 weeks before arrival date of your booking: 100% of the total cost


By us

In the event of circumstances that force us to cancel a trip you will be offered an alternative trip or receive a full refund of any deposit or prepayment you have made, depending on what you prefer.

We are not liable for any additional expenses you incur through cancellation, amendments or unforeseen delays including, but not limited to, visas, vaccinations, travel insurance excess, or non-refundable flights, train or bus tickets. In circumstances where cancellation is due to external events outside our reasonable control, refunds will be less any of our unrecoverable expenses and the non-refundable deposit paid.


We do not provide any personal insurances for your holiday with us. It is a requirement of the holiday that you purchase personal travel insurance to cover your trip with us.

Your personal travel insurance must cover all possible cases of injuries, any health issues and theft or damage of personal property during your stay and activities with us. Your insurance must specifically include health treatment in Norway, medical and accident recovery for injuries gained whilst mountain biking, helicopter rescue and repatriation costs. The details of your insurance must be available in case of an emergency on the trails.

We recommend that you purchase insurance that covers any ​costs and charges incurred from delays, cancellations, rescheduling​ or events outside of our control however this is your choice.




You are responsible for the mechanical safety of your bikes and must ensure it is in a safe, ride-able condition before travelling.

We will always try to help should you have any mechanical failures while riding, but it is your responsibility to judge whether the repair is safe or not before continuing. The cost of any spares provided by us, including inner tubes, will be met by the customer.

Helmets must be worn at all times whilst riding and it is the rider’s responsibility to ensure this is done. We recommend wearing gloves and knee pads.

You must wear clothing that is suitable for the type of riding you will be doing and the weather on the day, which we will provide advice on. You must also bring any equipment or spares required (an itinerary will be sent out to you before each holiday).


Fitness and Health

You understand that mountain biking is a physical activity and requires a certain level of fitness.

For clients using our services to participate in outdoor activities e.g. cycling and mountain biking – it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the suitability of a route for their fitness, abilities and equipment.

You must be adequately fit to cover the distances and undertake the program set out in your itinerary. If it is felt that any client is not sufficiently fit, healthy, properly equipped or able to complete the tour without affecting its safety, comfort or happy progress, the tour leader at any stage has the right to remove you from the tour.

If you or any member of your party has any medical condition or disability which may affect your participation in the arrangements, please provide us with full details before we confirm your booking so that we can try to advise you as to the suitability of your chosen arrangements.


To make a booking you must be 18 years or over. Those under 18 years of age are not permitted to travel on their own, but may travel with a pre-booked parent or elected guardian. The conduct and behaviour of any client under the age of 18 is the responsibility of accompanying adults.​ We have no upper age limit though we remind you that our trips can be physically demanding.

Client’s Acceptance of Risk and Responsibility

Mountain biking is a dangerous sport and comes with certain risks. Due to the challenging nature of the trails and the amount of riding you will do during the holiday with us, the chance of having an accident whilst riding is high. Ride Norway will take every precaution to ensure the safety of riders, however we cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or the very unlikely event of death of a rider whilst riding with us.

You must at all times participate within your own ability and always wear approved safety equipment.

Whilst we will plan routes suited to your fitness and technical ability it is ultimately your decision whether or not to ride a certain feature, trail or route and must ride within your limits.

It is up to you to provide us with an honest opinion of your skill level and fitness so that we are able to plan rides to suit.

Please consider the effect your actions have on other trail users, including non-cyclists. We expect that everyone rides in a ​safe, responsible and courteous manner​ and with respect for the nature and other people.

Accidents and First Aid

All Ride Norway staff are equipped with a basic first aid kid and knowledge and local emergency contact details in the event of an accident. In case of an accident we will act to the best of our knowledge and experience, however we are not trained medical professionals. In case you do not want to be treated at all by our staff, and wait for trained professionals to arrive at the scene, please advise us accordingly before your first ride (in case of unconsciousness during an accident). In addition, you must inform us of any known allergies to medical treatments at the time of booking.


Weather Conditions

The weather in Norway during the summer months is temperate however it is somewhat unpredictable therefore adverse weather can occur such as snow storms, heavy rain or wind. We will do our best to cater for any adverse weather.

In the unlikely event the weather is too extreme, to ensure the safety of ourselves and guests we reserve the right of judgement to cancel any days of riding during your holiday.

Exchange Rates

Your holiday with us must be paid in Norwegian Krone (NOK). If you pay via another currency we understand that the rate from Norwegian Krone to your respective currency can change between the date of your deposit payment and date of your final payment.


We do not offer any monetary compensation of a possible increase or decrease of your total costs caused by changing exchange rates. The amount that must paid into our account is always that listed on our website in Norwegian Krone.


Transport and Bike Trailers

Although we make every effort to take care of clients and their property, clients use Ride Norway’s shuttle vehicles and trailers at their own risk. Clients are responsible for the safe transit of their own bikes and must ensure their bikes are put on the trailers securely. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to client’s bikes during the holiday with us. Clients must use seatbelts whenever travelling in one of our vehicles.

Any damage caused to a vehicle, either internal or external, must be paid for, in full, by the client at the time of the incident. In cases where this charge cannot be paid or payment is refused all future reservations will be cancelled and no refund given to the clients. We reserve the right to terminate transport services immediately should this situation arise. If payment cannot, or will not, be made then we will be forced to take legal action against the customer(s) in question.

Airport Transfers

In the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, bad traffic, adverse weather or other unexpected events Ride Norway cannot guarantee the arrival at the airport at the pre-arranged time.

Transfers as part of the package sold are only offered to Oslo airports (Gardemoen and Torp), train stations between Oslo and Nesbyen or any other location within a similar distance. Transfers from other airports may be possible but will incur a surcharge.1

It is up to the client to provide the correct travel details when arranging transfers, any misinformation provided is the responsibility of the client.

If multiple clients are arriving to (or leaving from) the same pick up/drop off point on the same day it may be necessary to wait (or arrive early) at the destination. 

Activities Outside of The Package Agreement

Whilst we can help arrange other non-cycling activities during your holiday this does not form part of this contract and we are not liable for any services or facilities provided by any third party.

Any activities undertaken outside of what is outlined on our website or itinerary is done so at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for this. The contract will be a separate contract held between you and the third party.


We provide a detailed description of our accommodation and facilities on our website which is what will be provided to clients booking accommodation only or package trips. 

An inspection of our accommodation is carried out before each client or group arrives. Any damage of the property or contents incurred during the stay will be charged to the client. Whilst we provide cleaning after each stay we expect that the accommodation is left in a reasonably clean state. 

Salvatorian Clause

If one or more articles of the above terms and conditions become invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other articles. The invalid article shall be replaced by another one expressing the intention of the parties as close as possible.


We reserve the right to update or change these terms and conditions at any time.

Photographs and videos: any likeness or image of you secured or taken on any of our trips may be used by the company without charge in all media (whether now or in the future) for promotional materials of any kind, such as brochures, videos and the internet.

‘we/our/us’ refers to Any Excuse To Ride Norway AS
‘you/the client’ refers to anyone who appears on the confirmation form

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